6 Heavy Equipment Used in Construction

For each mode of construction, a different set of equipment needs to be rented or bought. If you have been in the industry for some time now, you will know that it is quite impractical to purchase heavy equipment for the varying work nature at each site. Depending on the size, the economy of the project, and type of construction, the choice of heavy equipment would change. All massive projects will need heavy equipment to meet all the purposes at the working site. Having these pieces of equipment will help you in completing the process faster. Here is a list of heavy equipment that is commonly used in construction.

1.      Excavators

Excavators serve the purpose of excavating the soil to set the ground for piling and laying the foundation, making it one of the most important and widely used equipment. Apart from excavation, it also can be used for river dredging, demolition, cutting trees, and heavy lifting. The equipment contains a cabinet for the machine operator and a long arm with a digging bucket. Cabins can be rotated at 360 degrees to make the operation of excavators easier. Excavators come in both tracked and wheeled formats.

2.      Backhoe


The backhoe can be considered as another widely used equipment that is always essential at a construction site. The hoe is provided on the backside of the vehicle and the loading bucket in the front. When trenches to be excavated are quite deep, backhoes can be useful, and the front bucket can be used for loading, lifting of materials, and unloading.

3.      Dragline Excavator

When larger depth excavations have to be made, dragline excavators are most commonly used. The long boom has a strong digging bucket suspended from the top using a cable. Dragline excavators are best for excavations underwater, construction of ports, and sediment removal in water bodies.

4.      Bulldozers

By using bulldozers, the top layer of soil can be removed to a particular depth. The equipment has a sharp-edged wide metal plate at its front to excavate deeper into the soil over the surface. Hydraulic pistons have been provided to raise and lower the metal plate. Weak soil or rock strata can be removed, and also soil can be lifted using bulldozers.


5.      Graders

Graders are most commonly used for the construction of roads, where the equipment comes to play when the soil surface has to be levelled. A horizontal blade is present between the rear and front wheels, and it is lowered into the ground for levelling. The operator cabin surmounts the rear axle arrangement. Any form of flattening of the road is possible using motor grader; be it for the removal of unnecessary soil layers or of dirt and snow from the roads.

6.      Wheel Tractor Scrapers

This earth-moving equipment is used to scrape the soil to provide a flat surface. Scrapping arrangement is installed at the rear part and the wheeled tractor at the front. The rear arrangement contains a horizontal front blade, soil collecting hopper, and a conveyor belt. The front blade starts digging the soil when the vehicle moves and the blade is lowered onto the ground. The earth above the blade level is excavated and collected in hopper through the conveyor belt.