6 Time-Saving and Free Architecture Software Tools

All architecture students and professors might need to install software that works in the best way to support their tasks. But many firms, self-employed architects, and students would find it difficult to afford the professional architecture software that costs a bomb initially. That would put them in a serious need for alternatives that can help them through such situations. Several free architecture software tools have been launched in the recent past to rule out this issue and have been providing the consumers with impeccable service with the time-saving features to back it. Here is a list of free architecture tools that are great alternatives to the time-grabbing and expensive tools such as CAD and 3D design.

1.      actiTIME

Studios and solo architects can make the most out of this software with its time-tracking feature, making it the best solution for the same issue. You can generate simple invoices for your clients with actiTIME and provide them with a detailed breakdown of the performance as well. Identifying the tasks and activities that are time-consuming, evaluation of the team’s performance, and gauging the profitability of projects are easier with the robust reports created.

2.      Blender


When you want all the steps of the process of model creation done with ease using a free solution, Blender is the right choice for you. Everything from modelling to motion tracking can be performed on this open-source 3D-modelling software. Blender is customizable and flexible to work well for both small and big firms.

3.      FreeCAD

FreeCAD is a multiplatform, open-source solution that helps you to create models of real-life objects. The parametric 3D modeller allows you to create three-dimensional objects from 2D sketches and vice versa. File formats such as STEP, STL, IGES, DXF, DAE, and IFC are supported on FreeCAD so that the exported files can be processed in other software. The scope of this software isn’t limited to just architecture but also is applicable in designing, construction, and mechanical engineering.

4.      LibreCAD

When you are looking for a free 2D-CAD multiplatform solution for your Mac, Windows, or Linux, LibreCAD is the best option. This community version of QCAD allows you to create different technical drawings like interior design schemes, building and room plans, mechanical parts, and other diagrams. DXF is the file format that is highly supported on LibreCAD, but exporting can be done to PDF and SVG. It can work well for all kinds of users; be it professionals, enthusiasts, or students.

5.      OpenSCAD


Solid 3D CAD models can be created with ease on your Windows, Mac, or Unix using OpenSCAD. Here, the CAD aspects are focused more than the artistic side of 3D modelling. User can have full control over the modelling process with the script file that renders the 3D model using the compiler.

6.      My Virtual Home

The base-building video games were the inspiration for this 3D home design app, which includes standard blocks and modifications to plan the office space or home. Beginners and people who are not proficient in designing the advanced models will find My Virtual Home to be the software that caters their amateur needs. With the accurate lighting model provided by the software, the latitude, longitude, lighting effects, and season can be added to your design.