8 Egg Shaped Architectures Around the World

In Architecture, eff shape is taught to be a symbol with multiple meanings in different cultures. Architects are always excited to create egg-shaped architecture for all kinds of buildings. There is a separate literature on the ovoid designs in architecture. Here are some of the best egg-shaped architectures around the world.

Cyber architecture Egg

It is a commercial building in Mumbai’s central business district. This architecture is designed for eco-friendly measures such as a rooftop garden and green office spaces. The design includes solar gain and high-efficiency floor plates.

Golden Egg

Golden Egg

This metallic building is located in Hong Kong. It is the shape of a golden egg located inside the Hong Kong Science Park. It was inaugurated in 2009 for public visits and team gatherings. The golden egg is also a sign of prosperity in China.

Museum De Fundatie

This great egg-shaped architecture is placed on top of a Neoclassical building, the Museum De Fundatie. Hubert-Jan Henket designed it to provide the right view of the historic inner city. This architecture accommodates two exhibition rooms with a large oval window.

Philological Library


This four-level library is located in the Free University of Berlin since 2005. This beautiful oval library has over 700,000 books in its shelves. The staggered glass openings provide natural ventilation while the sharing helps in managing temperature and light.

National Centre for The Performing Arts

This is a massive architecture designed by Paul Andreu, which was completed in 2017 for the Beijing Olympics Games. It is surrounded by an artificial lake which uses reflection to complete this half egg. It also fell into the controversy of contrasting too much with historical sites.

La Seine Musicale

La Seine Musicale

Shigeru Ban completed this building in 2017, which is an auditorium on the banks of the Seine River in Paris. It is spread across the area of 34.500 sqm which gives it an impression that it is floating over the river.

Dali theatre

Salvador Dali has mentioned eggs in several of his paintings and artworks. It symbolizes the rebirth of the artist and displays the perfection of reality. He used the same idea of eggs to decorate the outside of his house at Portlligat and Torre Galatea. Dali theatre is decorated with eggs all over the roof.

London City Hall

London City Hall

The architecture of the London City Hall is designed by Foster+Partners with the idea to demonstrate the potential for a non-polluting, sustainable building. The bulbous shape of the building was conceived to reduce the surface area. Even though the idea was to conserve more energy, the use of glass on the building utilizes more energy which failed its original concept. It is still a great design that gets appreciated by tourists.